Science and Innovation Park

Nature Embassy in Liepaja

With the financial support from the Municipality of Liepaja, the Science and Innovation Park has implemented the project "Nature's Embassy in Liepaja", within which the Nature Embassys Cabinet technical equipment was advanced. Office is located at the University of...

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Liepaja Park Web solution has been developed

The three-kilometer long and about 50 ha wide Seafront Park is one of the largest dendrological parks in Latvia. The Liepaja City Council has commissioned the development of a web solution, suitable for viewing both on a computer and a cell phone, including detailed...

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Printing technology justifies itself

For several years, the Science and Innovation Park has been researching and developing printing technology for the production of small-scale products. Latvia is a small country with many small companies with a relatively small audience. It is right for such companies...

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With a help of e-commerce to acquire US Market

In cooperation with Kurzeme Business Incubator, an e-commerce project is being implemented, aim of which is to acquire foreign markets, ensuring the sale of goods produced in Latvia. Currently, the focus is on acquiring the US market. Despite the fact that United...

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